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A first of its kind privacy solution that aims to safeguard customer's personal data through the anonymous transfer of money to individuals via M-PESA by concealing your name and mobile number

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PrivPay Features

Your secure and trustworthy Mobile Money Transfer App

PrivPay is a mobile based solution that allows for the convenient transfer of money to an individual via M-PESA without disclosing your name and mobile number. With Innovation at its core, PrivPay is the solution that delivers on the two crucial things amiss in digital and mobile payments: Privacy and Peace of Mind .

Simple and convenient

Easily make payment through one step process and to an individual on M-PESA.

Reliable and Robust

With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, rest assured knowing that the intended recipients will promptly receive funds in their M-PESA account.

Secure and protected

Seamlessly and Securely send money via M-PESA to any registered phone number through our Mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

Answered all your Frequently Asked Questions, still confused? feel free to open a support ticket, our team will get back to you ASAP.

What is PrivPay?

A mobile application that allows for anonymous transfer of money via M-PESA mobile money transfer service.

How does PrivPay guarantee my privacy?

PrivPay masks your phone number and name while making mobile payments via M-PESA. Your recipient will only receive the relevant M-PESA transaction reference number confirming the payment made. PrivPay does not share with third parties any personal data collected from your interaction with the application.

Who can use the service?

This service is currently available to users in Kenya with registered M-PESA accounts. The mobile app is available on the Google Play store for all android devices.

Do I have to create an account to use this service?

Yes all you need is to create a user number and pin to start transacting.

PrivPay allows you to send money to a number via M-PESA without disclosing your personal details i.e., your name and mobile number. The recipient will simply receive the relevant M-PESA reference number confirming the payment.

The funds will be processed to the intended recipient’s M-PESA account immediately after transaction confirmation. This however is subject to the availability of M-PESA services. If M-PESA services are unavailable, the customer will receive an error notification PrivPay on the app of the inability to provide the service due to unavailability of M-PESA services, and in such events, no deduction will be made to the customer’s M-PESA account.

How do I know when the funds have been debited from my account?

You will receive a confirmation SMS from 'PrivPay' and from M-PESA. The intended recipient will receive a message from M-PESA confirming receipt of funds from ‘PrivPay’ thereby concealing your number and name.

What happens if the intended recipient doesn’t receive money sent via the app?

You can expect an automated reversal of the transaction and a credit of the transaction amount to your M-PESA account. If this fails contact us on [email protected] or click the help button in the app to initiate reversal

Can I cancel or reverse my payment?

For reversals, send the M-PESA transaction code to 0110652438 or [email protected]. PrivPay will immediately initiate the reversal process. You will receive a confirmation from “PrivPay” upon successful reversal of funds to your M-PESA account.

What is the maximum amount I can send via PrivPay?

The minimum amount is KES 50, the maximum amount one can send is KES 150,000 per transaction. The maximum daily M-PESA transaction limit isKES 300,000.

Can I send money using PrivPay when I have an existing Fuliza?

You can send money as long as you are still within your Fuliza limit.

Can I get my money back if I send it to a wrong number that has a Fuliza balance?

PrivPay reversal process applies as long as the recipient has not utilized the funds.

You can initiate reversal by sending the M-PESA transaction code to 0110652438 or [email protected] and PrivPay will attempt to reverse the funds.

How long does a transaction reversal take?

You will receive reversed funds within 3 hours of performing a reversal for all transactions less than 100,000 while transactions above 100,000 will take a maximum of 72 hours.

Do I get the convenience fee refunded when I request for a reversal?

Yes, the convenience fee will be refunded upon a reversal request.

Can I send money to other networks?

At the moment Privpay App supports Safaricom to Safaricom transactions.

Can I send money to a paybill number or till number using PrivPay?

Currently Privpay App supports the send money option and will soon support the Paybill and Till number transactions.

What are the charges for sending money via PrivPay?

There will be a convenience fee charged and this will be displayed for prior confirmation when you transact on the PrivPay App.

Why should I use PrivPay?

You enjoy Privacy & Peace of mind while making mobile payments, the two critical things that lack in this digital era.

What are the benefits of using PrivPay?

  1. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of easy transfers using PrivPay at any time.
  2. Lowers the risks associated with sharing your personal information with third parties through mobile money payments.

Data and Service Usage and Ownership?

PrivPay’s main ethos of protecting our customer’s personal data prioritises privacy, trust and transparency as one of its core values. We give the customer control of their data and who they would like to share it with while making mobile payments.

When you use our services, for example to send money to other people, purchase from merchants or pay bills (functionalities which will soon be available), we collect information about the transactions such as the amount sent, recipients’ or merchants’ information including their names and phone numbers and account number of the bill that you intend to pay.

We will use this information to provide the service and the only information that we will share with the other party to you transaction is the M-PESA reference number, the amount sent or paid and the time of the transaction in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How can I access PrivPay customer support?

To access customer service, kindly get in touch with us on [email protected]

How PrivPay gets in touch?

Nobody at PrivPay will ever contact you to request a PIN code or verification code to your M-PESA. If you have any questions or concerns about security, send an email to [email protected] or call us on 0110652438

Where can I get more information about PrivPay?

Visit our website:  

Why does PrivPay charge Excise Tax?

Following the enactment of the Finance Act 2021 by the Government of Kenya to increase excise duty to 20% from 15% on transaction fees for all money transfer services provided by cellular phone providers, banks, money transfer agencies and other financial service providers, PrivPay transaction charges are subject to excise tax as applicable and shall be reflected in your convenience fee.